CEREC is the latest dental technology tool on the dentistry scene. This machine is a special computer that acts as a dental restoration tool, allowing us to restore decayed teeth, place dental crowns, remove defective amalgam dental inlays, or place porcelain dental veneers in just one appointment.

The CEREC 3D system is comprised of a CEREC Acquisition Unit, CEREC 3D software and a CEREC Milling Unit. The Acquisition Unit houses a medical-grade computer and CEREC camera; this unit takes a picture of your prepared tooth and creates a 3D model of it, which we use to design the restoration on screen.

The Milling Unit creates the porcelain dental filling, dental crown or dental veneer. During dental treatment, we choose a block of ceramic that resembles your natural tooth color and then places that ceramic block into the milling unit. The milling unit creates the restoration based on the design we just made on the Acquisition Unit, eliminating the need to take messy impressions or send work to the lab. In just one dental visit, your tooth filling, dental crown or dental veneers will be complete and we will bond it into place.

CEREC Machine by Sirona, Same day crowns

The CEREC Procedure

Exam and Preparation – We examine your teeth; decide on the preparation method and start prepping your teeth (removing the tooth decay).
Optical Impression – An optical impression (picture) of the prepared tooth is taken.
Restoration Creation – We send the information to the CEREC machine to design and create your tooth onlay/inlay, dental crown or veneers, right in our office!

Quite simply the most perfect CAD/CAM system ever.

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