We believe that everyone has a right to quality, affordable dental care, this is our Dental Procedures price list. Our dental specialists in Tijuana are committed to treating patients with the compassion and respect they deserve while still offering fair dental pricing. This means providing comprehensive dental care that addresses both your short -and long-term dental care needs.

Metal based crown covered with porcelain$250
Pure porcelain crowns (CEREC)$500
Zirconia crowns$500
Simple extraction (No surgery required)$80
Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Surgery required)$150
Regular Dental Cleaning$60
Deep Cleaning (one arch)$150
Composite Filling$80
DenturesStarts on $500
Root Canal Treatment$300
Root Canal Retreatment$420
Dental Implant with Abutment and Metal Base Crown included$1,200
Dental Implant with Abutment and CEREC Crown included$1,500
BonegraftStarts on $200
IV SedationStarts on $250
Metalic Braces (Down payment)$400
Ceramic Braces (Down payment)$600
Braces (Monthly payment)$75
Screw on dentures (Per arch)$6,500
Sinus LiftStarts on $250
Consultation & Panoramic XraysFREE
Panoramic Xrays (With no consultation or treatment)$25
Amalgam Removal with Composite Filling$25

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