We understand that the cost of even the most basic dental care may be prohibitive for some of our families. However, we believe that no child should have to forgot dental treatment because cost is a concern
We offer several payment options so that even the most comprehensive dental treatments are within the reach of each of our families.
We also make it a point to fully inform parents of the cost of treatment before we begin treatment, so parents will never suffer “sticker shock” when they receive their bill. If you have any questions about dental insurance or payments, please call (619) 381-3169 today to see what other payment options are available at DentArt Center!
Dental Insurance
Dental insurance can make the cost of oral healthcare more manageable by paying a portion or all the fees associated with your office visit. If you’re enrolled in a dental insurance plan, our staff members will help you to understand and maximize the benefits your insurance provides.
We accept a wide variety of insurance plans; some of the most common types are listed below:
Our Insurances