PORCELAIN VENEERS are thin slices of porcelain that are precisely
made to fit over the visible surface of a tooth.

To restore chipped teeth, fill gaps or mask discoloration, consider Porcelain Veneers. Dent Art Center can improve the quality of your smile in just two dental visits by placing veneers for lasting effects.

Porcelain Veneers
can restore:
  • Stains or discoloration of teeth caused by age, caffeine or tobacco.

  • Worn-down or chipped teeth.

  • Unwanted gaps and spaces between teeth.

  • Damage due to injury or root canal procedure.

How works?

How does the procedure of Porcelain Veneers works?

The dentist may use one or multiple veneers to restore fractured or discolored teeth. We take an impression of your tooth for the veneer to be made in our laboratory and then bonded to the tooth. They match the color, appearance and translucence of your natural teeth.

How many appointmens is required?

Two appointments will be required

1st. APPOINTMENT: Takes approximately 1 hour. Teeth are prepared for the veneers and digital impressions are taken, your veneers will be created and designed on our CERECâ„¢ Machine. To make a veneer a very small amount of enamel is removed from your tooth, the amount of tooth enamel that the dentist will shave off is on the order of .5 to .7 millimeters. 2nd. APPOINTMENT: Same day or next day, depending on amount of veneers. Takes approximately 4 hours. Veneers are bonded to your teeth. First the porcelain veneer will be cleaned and prepared for the cementation process. Your tooth will also be cleaned, usually by polishing it with a rubber cup or brush.

Do you have stained teeth or a broken tooth?

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