Dental Testimonials of our patients, we are glad to show you some of the most successful cases of our dental practice. Come back later to see more testimonials, we update this section every month.

Patient: Richard Berland
Procedure: 3 Implants
I had tried several Dentists in the US for some years and I was looking to get a decent work done. At Dent-Art Center I met Dr. Luis Lugo and his confidence and experience in Dentistry made me trust his decision to perform 3 Dental Implants and the results are just what I wanted.
They have a very good Front Desk Service, a shuttle service and the Staff in general are kind and helpful in every step. I would say the service is great and that Dr, Lugo is amazing and he is really the best one ever.

Leticia Galindo
Procedure: Porcelain Veneers
So happy I met Dr. Lugo!
Everyone here is amazing, and I can now smile with greatest joy.

Khosron Hosseini
Procedure: Dental Implants
As good as it gets, I’m very happy, great Doctor, service and clinic, I will recommend to friends and family.

Satisfied Patient
Procedure:  Dental Implants
I’m very happy to have found Den Art Center online, and specially Dr. Lugo and his staff, they are all very professional and kind, I will forever be thankful for their great service, and specially Dr. Lugo for giving me my smile back.
Thank you all, thank you for everything.

Lindsey Nichols
Implants & Crowns
I couldn’t be happier with the service, skill and all around good experience I’ve had with Dent Art.
Dr. Lugo is incredible and his staff is professional yet friendly and sweet.
Thank you so much for my new smile!!

José Anaya
Cerec Porcelain Crown
I’m very satistied with dent art, will recomend to friends and family.

Satisfied Patient
I was recommended by a friend whom is also a patient of Dr. Lugo to get veneers it was easy to set up the appointment and the whole process went smooth. Dr. Lugo is a great dentist and an honest person. His work is well worth the price. His staff is also amazing, every visit you feel like family. Everyone is professional and knowledgeable.

José Jimenez
All the services at Dent Art are Excellent, I am very pleased with Dr. Lugo and the way I have been treated, I had never before had this kind of treatment at a Dental Office.
I recommend Dent Art to all.
Thank You.

Tiffany Carrillo
I came to Dent Art for a cleaning and a Zoom Whitening, I am very happy with all their services.
Consultation is cost free and they gave me an accurate estimate followed by a very satisfactory explanation regarding my dental treatment.
I will be recommending Dent Art to Others.
Well worth the time, money and adventure!

Michelle Flores
Porcelain Crowns
Great services. Loved the work and the Doctor. Very Easy experience. The girls in the front are great.
Thank you, will recommend.

Shannon Metcalf
Loved the people on the dental center and my new implants are the best BEST!
I will be back for cleanings and just to visit all the great people here.
Well worth the time, money and adventure!

Rebeca Betech
I really enjoyed Dr. Claudia Canchola’s way of treating me, she performed and extraordinary job, I will recommend you all to my friends and family.
Thank you Dent Art.
Patient: Yvonne Aguilar
My experience here with Dent Art and Dr. Lugo and staff has been very professional, friendly and accommodating to all my needs, on a scale 1 – 10 I rate them #10.
Never liked going to see a dentist but coming here has completely changed my attitude and I plan on coming here for my dental care from now on.
I love my smile now and wish I would have done this year ago. Thanks to everyone here for being patient and making me feel relaxed and comfortable.
I would highly recommend Den Art to family and friends, it’s definitely worth the drive coming from the OC.

Patricia Osuna
Dental Implants

Wonderful service, my crown looks great! Everyone is so nice here. Best dentist appointment I ever had.

Martha Quijada

Great experience in general, Staff and Doctors are very kind, I would’ve liked for the retainers to be included in my monthly payments.

Maria Luisa Gama
Personalized attention, very kind and the girls at the front desk make you feel at home.
The doctors are excellent and very professional.
I’m very happy with my experience.
My second appointment, once more, was a good experience.
Patient: Juan Morales
Procedure: Top Venners

From the moment I walked in the door, the staff was super friendly, they welcomed me, the doctor was also very welcoming, explained my options and gave me his recommendation, my procedure took 3 days and everyday I walked out with a better smile, Im leaving Dent Art super pleased with all the work I had done and will definetly recommend and come back myself.
Thank you again for giving me my smile back.

Colleen Fleming

I am very happy with the final result.
The price was very good. They were a few times that I felt that the dentist and the tech were a little too rough, twisting my lip and pushing on my jaw. It was a very long day!
The office staff were very helpful and nice.
Kassandra Lopez
Procedure: Inlays
Great experience. My first appointment Dr. Canchola and her assistant were very kind to me, the worked patiently while I complained about sensitivity, they waited for me to be completely numb to continue working.
My second appointment, once more, was a good experience.
Marlon Campillo
My wife Bertha and my son, Marlon Campillo Jr had dental work done here at Dent Art and we are very satisfied with their great service and work.
The staff is very efficient. The doctors are very kind and helpful, giving their best at filling our necessities as much as possible, they also handle great affordable prices.
Cindi and Lester Libby
Procedure: Crown, Implants, Root Canal and Denture

Everyone is friendly, caring and committed to helping. This office is very modern and efficient. They even pick us up at the border and take us back.
Thank you so much! The prices are excellent.
I tell all my friends and acquaintances to come here.

Sasha Levy
Extraction and partial

Thank you all for a wonderful experience, will never go back to the U.S for dental work
I Love you all.

Cam Ranh C.
Procedure: Veneers

I had and amazing experience at Dent Art! I love my new smile, it could not be better!!
The staff is amazing, and the work is amazing!! Would highly recommend coming here!!
Thank You Dr. Lugo and Team!

Clarissa Velez
Procedure: Veneers

I’m extremely satisfied with the services I received here. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Lugo was very nice and patient with me, he did an amazing job and I will recommend him to all my family and friends! Than you Dent Art! I love my new smile!
Friends group from Florida

I brought a group of friends all the way from Florida for different procedures, we got root canals, dental cleanings, fillings, estimates, etc. we were amazed at the fact that Tijuana is very safe and quite a pretty city.
Dr. Lugo and his staff are great, highly recommend them, and will continue to bring my friends.
Teresa & Hallellujah Blessing
I have always had a very pleasant and positive experience with Dr. Claudia who I have seen many times for crowns and filling work. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for excellent Dental work at affordable price, I also have seen Dr. Andrea (Dr. Lugo’s Daughter) for dental cleaning and left extremely comfortable with her gentle touch and care in doing the best job. I highly recommend Andrea as well.
Taressa B.
Hallelujah 8 Implants + Full Mouth Restoration 
Taressa Crowns, cleaning, fillings

I did tons of research on the internet and word of mouth and all I heard were good things about Dr. Lugo at Dent Art, well it’s all true. After 8 implants and a whole mount full of metal free crowns I could not be more pleased, Dr. Lugo is very talented and personable. He really cares about his patients he absolutely stands behind his work if anything goes wrong he will make it right. I have told many friends about Den Art and the all agree, Dent Art, Dr. Lugo and all the Staff ROC! 1,000 Stars
Hallelujah B.

Christopher Rositch
Procedure: Dental Implants, Dental Crowns, Extractions, Sinus Lift

This is phase 2 of 3 and it has gone better than I ever expected.
The 21 crowns and caps are in, the new teeth look fantastic. Another implant went in today and also more bone in the area.
To date I have had 2 extractions, 5 implants, upper sinus lift and bone transplant and 21 teeth reconstructed. It has been a very rewarding experience coming here and trusting all my dental work, (which was major), to Dr. Lugo and his professional staff.
Everyone from the driver to Dr. Lugo has treated me with dignity, respect and taking all the care for my health and dental needs.
The cost savings have been well worth the effort to come here from Vancouver Canada. I would highly recommend for anyone, whether you are considering minor to major dental work, to allow Dr. Lugo to perform his professional craftsmanship on whoever requires his expertise.

Martha Lyon
Procedure: Implants

Every time I come to Dr. Lugo’s office (despite the pain) it’s very pleasurable to see all the staff, always with a smile and a very kind attitude.
Doctor Luis Lugo is excellent, perfectionist and very friendly.
I always recommend them.
Thank you, DentArt.

Suzanne Lawson
Procedure: CEREC Crowns

I’ve been coming here for 2 years now. I get all my major dental work done here, during this visit I had 2 CEREC crowns put in my two front teeth, the price was amazing and so was the service.
All the staff here are great, very professional, Dr. Claudia Canchola did a very good job putting my crowns on, the outcome was beautiful and I had no pain. I love my new smile
I have recommended this place to all of my family and friends, and they have come and love this place just as much as I do.

Elizabeth Gutierrez
Procedure: Veneers

I found dent art over the internet, and decided to book my appointment, everything over the phone sounded great, I decided to get veneers and I feel very satisfied with the result.
They are very good people, kind and caring with all their patients.

Luis Plancarte
Procedure: Implants, braces and Cerec Veeners

I am very happy with the procedure, friendly and professional team, around Dr. Lugo.
Thank you for my amazing new fabulous smile.

Geoffrey Granda
Procedure: 9 Dental Implants & Bonegraft

I  had been looking for the longest time for a dentist that would actually make me trust him, and since the first time I walked into Dr. Lugo’s office they made me feel great, their service is awesome, everything was explained to me clearly and prices are good, I had a big procedure done and I’m leaving today very happy, everything here is worth it, they truly make you feel at home, feel free to call me, I will gladly give you great references about them. (213-447-0357)

Zavala Family

I would like to say a big Thank You for the fantastic job you have done on my crown, I am thrilled with the final result, the crown fits beautifully that I cannot even tell which one the crown is!
At the end, I can really say with all my heart that it was 100% worth it.
Thank You!! I also appreciated your service of transportation.
Once again, thank you so very much for al that you have done for me, my sister, mom, and father.
I will continue to spread the word, you’re wonderful.

Roel Gazca
Procedure: 10 Implants

The Staff and the Doctor are all very professional, kind and with a very positive attitude, I received a lot of information from all of them, they really made me feel great, which is very important. Doctor Lugo is very well-mannered, he explained himself very clearly and was very patient with all my questions.
I’m really happy to be here, thank you all!!

Les Baran
Procedure: 4 Implants and Fillings 

I have recommended several of my friends to Doctor Lugo and now we are all regular patients, everything is always perfect, the Doctor, the assistants, front desk service, the shuttle and great prices, they also helped me out with my insurance, and I did not have to do any paper work, I am very happy to be here.

Elizabeth Gutierrez
Procedure: Veneers

I found dent art over the internet, and decided to book my appointment, everything over the phone sounded great, I decided to get veneers and I feel very satisfied with the result.
They are very good people, kind and caring with all their patients.